Samantha bennington 'falling love notes' excerpt

In an excerpt of "Falling Love Notes"Samantha Bennington recounts her first interaction with Chester -- after one of his shows with the band Grey Daze at Club Rio in Tempe, Ariz. In January…


In her upcoming book Falling Love Notes: Memories of a Rock Star Wife, Samantha Bennington reflects upon her emotional journey before, during và after her marriage to Chester Bennington, the Linkin Park leader who passed away in 2017. The book, due out Nov. 24 through Around The Way Publishing và available for order here, is both raw and uplifting, as Bennington — who married Chester in 1996, và shared a son, Draven, with the frontman prior khổng lồ their divorce in 2005 — looks back upon their relationship, among many others, & how it has helped her grow as a mother và person.

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“I began this project of my Memories around eight lớn nine years ago,” Bennington tells “I had planned for Falling Love Notes to be released in the fall of 2017. Unfortunately, our lives changed dramatically that June. I could not give my project the attention it would take lớn launch or deserved, as our son, family, và I needed lớn grieve & work on major healing. Honestly, my project took a major back seat khổng lồ my life at that time. Now that my ending has changed & I continue to heal. I found a huge amount of purpose và needed to finish what I had started.”

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In an excerpt of Falling Love Notes below, Bennington recounts her first interaction with Chester — after one of his shows with the band Grey Daze at Club Rio in Tempe, Ariz. In January 1996, with her new friend Penny & her ex-husband Anthony in tow.

Penny & I went backstage. Right away we ran into two members of the band that had just played: the guitar player & thedrummer. They offered me a CD, and asked if I liked their show. I told everyone I was with to lớn buy a CD. Even then I knew it was important to support our local bands & music scene. All of us bought their CD that night, including Anthony. They both also invited me lớn see them play at their next gig. They went on lớn say they were just about lớn sign a record deal.

As we were talking, I saw the singer sitting down on a barstool in the back, so I went up khổng lồ him lớn introduce myself. This is when Samantha Olit & Chester Bennington first met. We started talking and were getting along extremely well. Turned out the poor guy was super sick with a temperature of 103 degrees. He also wore glasses that he did not wear when he was performing. I guessed it would be pretty hard khổng lồ wear glasses while he was jumping all over the stage. His voice was completely captivating, and his energy cấp độ was insane. You would never have known that he was sick.

Soon, we started to lớn get into a deep conversation. He told me he was twenty-one and I told him I was twenty-two, actually, twenty-three in December. He said he would be twenty-two in March, so I was a bit older. Right away, we started to tóm tắt our life stories.

Penny came over, drunk now, và started to hang all over the lead singer. She was annoying, but I was sure he dealt with that all the time. After all, his band, Grey Daze, was the number one local band in Phoenix và had a very strong following. Just before the singer và I could exchange phone numbers, a bouncer walked up to lớn him and for reasons I didn’t understand then, the bouncer chasedhim out. I then became distracted by Anthony và his friends, who 70 falling love notes found me. Anthony started hanging on me, drunk, and I was trying khổng lồ keep the peace.

After we got home, I stayed up all night thinking about the spiritual connection I had developed with the stranger I had met, the one who sang khổng lồ me and stared into my eyes for a good forty-five minutes. I couldn’t explain it. While I was listening khổng lồ the CD I was looking at it và never noticed that, on the back, was their manager’s phone number in plain view so anyone could tương tác them. I was mesmerized by the encounter and laid there wondering if I would ever meet the man again.

The next morning all I could think about was the đáng yêu guy I had met at the concert. I was a little bouncier than usual, which was saying a lot. I’m always pretty bouncy, but today was different. I felt for the first time that someone saw my soul, & that I had seen his. I didn’t realize that not only did I feel differently, but my feelings showed khổng lồ everyone who interacted with me.

My co-workers started to lớn ask questions about Super Bowl weekend and the concert at Club Rio. How did I lượt thích the club? How was Anthony’s behavior? What bands played? They kept pushing for info, và gave me a hard time in a fun và caring way. My co-workers pushed and teased me all morning; they didn’t even care if I did my job that day. Of course I had lớn work, but everyone was enjoying meddling in my love life.

Funny thing, at the beginning of my divorce, love was the part of my life that I had sworn off for eternity. I said things such as, “I’m never going khổng lồ get married again, just get me through this damn divorce & I will stay single forever.” Or, “I’m going to lớn be single and play the field. I never want a boyfriend ever again.” I meant every word I said.

After all my swearing off relationships for life, I was more serious than I have ever been. Who was I kidding? The universe had khổng lồ throw a wrench into my plans và have a tall, skinny, dreadlocked, bad dressing, broke ass musician sing khổng lồ me and capture my attention. Now I couldn’t even focus on my work! That morning my entire staff surrounded my desk wanting khổng lồ know the details of every moment. Most of my co-workers were married, so they were living vicariously through me.

I told the amazing story of how I had a spiritual, but difficult lớn explain, experience. After I had answered every question, one co worker said, “Why don’t you look him up, as if you were looking for a “for sale by owner?” That was a real estate term for trying to get new listings & future business.

“Are you insane?” I asked.

As if I would vị any of that. No way! But, the entire office teamed up on me. They pushed all day until I looked up every Bennington in the phone book and had called every one, trying to lớn reach the stranger I had met the night before.

Everyone in the office stood around my desk, sat on the corner of my desk, or paced back & forth waiting with anticipation lớn see if the tactic would work. I was trembling with fear. I was so afraid I wouldn’t find him, but on the other hand I thought, “what if I did?” I also didn’t want him lớn think I was a stalker.

It’s funny, because I didn’t want khổng lồ be in a relationship. I wanted a divorce & was in the middle of one. The possibility of starting something new went against everything I thought I wanted. I was more afraid of not trying, though, because it was clear that the universe and God were playing a huge roll in this, và they had gi-normous plans for Chester & me.

In reality, I was more afraid of not seeing him again than I was to call around lớn try khổng lồ find him. Thank goodness for my loving và pushy co-workers. Honestly, I wouldn’t have done it without all of them pushing me in the right direction.

It was around three o’clock in the afternoon, or maybe three-thirty, when a woman answered my call. Her voice sounded young và sweet, và she gave me an opportunity to cốt truyện my story, tell her why I was calling.

“My name is Samantha,” I said, “and I know this is going lớn sound weird. However, last night at a show I met a guy who might be your brother. He probably meets tons of people all the time, but I want you to lớn know I’m not a crazy stalker chick. So in the sự kiện he remembers me, can you please give him my name & number? I promise I will not tương tác you again. But, if he wants to contact me,the ball is now in his court.”

Turned out the woman’s name was Renee & she was his older sister. She said the man I was searching for was indeed her brother. She continued to lớn explain that while usually she did not reveal any info about her brother, for some odd reason she decided to lớn tell me. If that’s not the universe or God intervening, then I don’t know what is!

I thanked his sister for her understanding, and for passing on my information. It was nice to speak with her và I was at peace because at least I tried. I took kích hoạt with pure intention & in recognition of the life opportunity that was presented to lớn me. I really just followed my heart, but was, in fact, manifesting the life I wanted.

I wanted a divorce, but my desire lớn be in a marriage full of passion, và live with true love, must have been stronger. My will lớn love is a pure emotion that drives all my decision making.

The next morning, I woke up late for work. I had slept incredibly well, probably because I had so many things off my mind. Anthony had moved into the guest room và I had found a new roommate. Gabi and I had met in real estate school và as soon as Anthony moved out, Gabi would take over the guest room. As of now, she was sharing the master bedroom with me because I wasn’t comfortable living alone with Anthony anymore. Unfortunately, Anthony had become an angry young man.

I rushed into work and had much catching up to vì from not working much the day before. Pissing off my quái thú was not an option, nor was losing my job. I adored & respected my boss và was grateful to him for many things.

When I got there the office was in high vibration, and everyone was in catch-up mode. There was some radical energy going on, & everyone closed deals that day. We were so busy that I forgot all about the day before and trying lớn find the man of my dreams. But in the middle of all the business & hustle the phone rang . . . Và I answered it.

“Hello,” a man said. “Is Samantha there?”

My whole world stopped. It was him!

“This is she,” I said.

The office got quiet and I couldn’t hear anything but his voice. He said how excited he was to hear from me & had been so surprised when his sister called the night before. He worked late nights at Burger King at the drive through window, which helped pay his bills between shows with his band. This job also gave him flexibility, with days off khổng lồ play gigs.

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I had left my work number with his sister thinking it was safer than a trang chủ number. After all, he was still a stranger & this was all very new. Chester again said how happy he was to lớn hear from me, and from that day on I received a phone hotline from him every morning, noon, and night for two weeks until I finally agreed khổng lồ meet him. We could have met earlier, but I was trying khổng lồ bring my relationship with Anthony to a clean over before jumping into something new. During our evening calls, Chester & I stayed on the phone for hours.