Aritaum Color Live Tint

Color Lasting Tint Aritaum reviews || Colors 01. Nude Coat, 09. Tangerine Girl & 15. Gotham Red

zondag 24 juli 2016


I keep spoiling myself with more and more lip products, there is just no over to it. Lately i"ve been leaning more towards lip tints than lipsticks, because tints stains your lips and after a while it looks quite natural. So for a lazy girl like me it"s definitely less work reapplying it. I decided lớn try out the màu sắc Lasting Tint from Aritaum and picked up a nude color. I loved it so much so I had to lớn get more colors & that"s how I ended up with 3 tints to lớn review!
So Aritaum has to be one of my favorite Korean makeup brands. They"ve seriously never ever disappointed me. Their mono eyeshadows are my favorite and I use it every single day+ their lip products are just too good. And I haven"t even talked about the prices because gurl it"s hella cheap for the quality you get. The lip tints are $7 on Ebay and they have 15 colors tochoose from. I got #01. Nude Coat, #09. Tangerine Girl and #15. Gotham Red. Curious how they look like? Keep on reading :)
The packaging is really simple, shiny black with the lip màu sắc at the top. This gives it a little bit more fun instead of an all black look. It"s also easy to lớn hold and it feels good in your hands. It has a teardrop applicator which I find the most easiest way to apply tints.

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It dries up glossy và stains your lips really well. The color payoff is amazing và you"ll only need one coat. You can go both ways with this product, a full lip color or gradient lips.




The consistency of this sản phẩm feels more lượt thích a lacquer than a tint. It"s definitely thicker & not as watery, which is totally fine by me since I lượt thích my lipsticks lớn be more thicker than watery. Overall the màu sắc payoff is just really good, lượt thích one coat is enough & it sits on your lips for quite a while + staining it. The màu sắc does transfer quite easily but it fades toward a more natural color so I vì recommend using a lip balm then because it settles into your lip lines.

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I"m hooked and definitely gonna pick up more colors! What about you guys? Would you try these babies out for only $7?

these products are so affordable, & the ones you picked up look great! I really wanna try these out :)

* My name is Diana & I have this obsession with Korean Beauty và Skincare. I have combination/oily skin and am always on the hunt for new stuff lớn try out. If you have similar interests hit me up for a collab or just a chat :).
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